Collin County Earth-Kind Research and Demonstration Specialist

The scientific testing of landscape and garden plants is an important part of Horticultural Science. The Earth Kind Environmental Stewardship Program conducts plant trials to help achieve the goals of reducing water, pesticide and fertilizer use, while protecting the environment.  In addition, the program shows the public proper Earth-kind Principles and Practices through demonstration gardens. The Collin County Extension Horticulture Program has developed Earth-Kind Research and Demonstration Gardens at Myers Park and Event Center to further the mission of the Earth-Kind Program.

Collin County Master Gardeners are extremely important to the success of Research and Demonstration projects conducted by the Extension. The Earth-Kind Research and Demonstration Specialist Training program is an opportunity to learn each principle and practice of Earth-Kind in more of a hands-on approach. The results of this hands-on educational program will be valuable research data and gardens used to demonstrate best horticultural practices to the community.  Master Gardeners will gain knowledge and skills for themselves and the community.

Educational sessions will be offered on Wednesdays and announcements of upcoming session will be included in weekly eMInders or online dashboard.


  1. Attend a session on each subject which includes lecture and hands-on education to achieve certification.
  2. Master gardeners are not required to attend sessions in any given order, however all sessions must be attended.
  3. Certification will be granted after you volunteer 16 hours within 12 months after completing the training. These 16 hours need to be done on approved research and demonstration projects.
  4. Recertification is required each year to maintain your title as specialist.  8 hours of volunteer service on research and demonstration projects, and 3 hours of continuing education in Earth-Kind are required each year. These hours count toward your annual master gardener recertification.


The following learning opportunities will be required:


Landscape Design

Plant Selection

Soil Preparation

Plant Installation




Data Collection


The first session on Landscape Design will be help October 19th, 2011 from 8 am to 12 pm. Register by contacting Maureen at 972-548-4232. Participants are encouraged to attend the Oct. 18th master gardener training class on Landscape Design.

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